Πώληση! Scale Cabin F3C (Red) - Belt CP V1/2 Μεγαλύτερη προβολή

Scale Cabin F3C (Red) - Belt CP V1/2

(SKU): EK4-0065R

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ESky F3C Fibre Glass Scale Cabin for Belt-CP (Red)
Item numberSizeweightFor Model NO.
EK4-0065724*108*134mm 150-170gEK1H-E013/E014/E015

Product Introduction:

F3C Emulational scale cabin adopts glass material, in light weight and high strength. The coating adopts "Oil spout" techniques, colour is bright, lustrousness is high.
Assembling is easy, it can make the fly steady and suitable for 3D aerobat, which can enjoy great attention when fly.