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Futaba T10J + R3008SB 8-Ch 2.4Ghz T-FHSS Radio System

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Futaba 10J - A very powerful and reliable 10-Channel system, with Multi-Rotor menu
Futaba consistently delivers the very best radios and the 10J is no exception. Its full list of features is below, but here are a few of the best: 10 channels, telemetry capable, fully programmable and user updateable. The functions can be assigned to a multitude sticks, switches, knobs and levers. The telemetry data can be viewed on the backlit LCD screen and audibly reported through headphones. Three buttons and a jog dial make it exceptionally easy to program. Plus, it's light weight, easy to handle and equipped with an astonishing 30 model memory. Updating is simple, so your transmitter will never be out of date.

All those features and more are included in a radio that's also the first to have multi-rotor helicopter programming. It's perfect for a whole host of applications: Airplane, helicopter, glider and multi-rotor menus are all included.

Even with all its features, the Futaba 10J is still the most inexpensive telemetry enabled radio system on the planet. It's priced right for a first time radio, but packed with so many features pros will love it as well.

When you're ready for a radio that can fly anything, comes packed with features and includes a powerful telemetry-enabled receiver, pick up the Futaba 10J. You'll be glad you did.

What about the Multi-Rotor menu in the T10J?
Actually, Multi-Rotor menu is a lite version of a aeroplane menu, for example in aeroplane mode you have 25 options on the screen, in multi rotor mode you have 15 options on the screen, in Multi-Rotor mode you have Center Stick alarm, this is quite useful, other than this, no big difference with aeroplane mode.


10J Transmitter Spec :
Type: 2-stick, 10-channel T-FHSS / S-FHSS / FHSS selectable
Current Drain: 140mA 

System features

  • Futaba T-FHSS, S-FHSS 2.4GHz security  
  • Airplane, heli, glider and multi-rotor software  
  • 30-model memory  
  • S.Bus capable T-FHSS receiver  
  • Telemetry
  • Synthesized voice for telemetry data  
  • Vibration alerts for alarm conditions and low battery  
  • User-updatable software (requires optional CIU-2 interface)  
  • Wireless data transfer among 10J transmitters  
  • Built-in S.Bus programming link for S.Bus servos  
  • 10-character model and user naming  
  • Large (128 x 64 dot) backlit LCD display  
  • 10 channels (one variable knob, five 2-position switches, two 3-position switches, one momentary switch, two digital levers)  
  • Built-in diversity antenna  
  • Jog dial and 3 buttons for fast, easy programming  
  • Sub-trim and fail-safe (all channels)  
  • Servo reversing, endpoint adjustment, digital trims, dual rates/exponential* & ATL  
  • Trim step adjustability  
  • Trainer system  
  • Throttle cut  
  • 2 count-up/-down timers + integrated timer  
  • Model timer  
  • Range check mode  
  • Servo cycle w/bar graph displays  
  • Assignable switch/lever/functions (Ch. 5-10)

Helicopter Features

  • 6 programmable mixes, plus:  
  • 10 factory-defined mixes  
  • 8 swash plate types  
  • 5 flight conditions w/delay  
  • Throttle curve (4 curves, 5 points)
  • Pitch curve (5 curves, 5 points)  
  • Throttle hold & delay  
  • Swash AFR  
  • Electronic swash ring

Airplane Features

  • 6 programmable mixes, plus:  
  • 9 factory-defined mixes  
  • Flaperons with differential rate  
  • Flap trim  
  • Differential ailerons  
  • Gyro sensitivity  
  • 5-point throttle & pitch curves  
  • Throttle delay  
  • Idle down

Here are just some of the functions you'll find on the 10J:

The large backlit LCD display helps make programming easy, as well as clearly showing the timers and telemetry data.

Aeroplane mode

Multi-Rotor mode

Helicopter mode

Model Type Selection Menu

Mutli-Rotor Center Stick Alarm

Telemetry Menu
(Must use with Futaba sensor)

Receiver Type Selection Menu

Glider Butterfly Setup Menu

5-Point Throttle Curve

Programmable Mixing

Built-in S.Bus Servo Programmer

R3008SB 2.4GHz T-FHSS 8-Channel Receiver
The R3008SB is a T-FHSS telemetry-capable receiver that features S.Bus and S.Bus2 compatibility and 8 conventional ports. The receiver also features an external battery voltage connector. With S.Bus function, you can control more than 8 servos with S.Bus hub.

Type: Full-range flight receiver 
Modes: T-FHSS
Features: High-voltage operation, frequency-hopping Spread Spectrum design, Dual Antenna Diversity, S.Bus and S.Bus2 compatibility
Voltage Input: 4.8V-7.4V battery or regulated output from ESC 
Compatible Batteries: NiCd, NiMH, LiPo, LiIon or LiFe
Dimensions: 0.98 x 1.69 x 0.55 in (24.9 x 42.8 x 14.0 mm) 
Weight: 0.34 oz (9.5 g)

This package includes :
1.tick.jpg 1 X Futaba T10J 2.4Ghz T-FHSS / S-FHSS / FHSS 10-Ch Air transmitter
2.tick.jpg 1 X 8-Ch R3008SB T-FHSS S-Bus Receiver
3. 1 X Futaba Manual in Japanese (Need to download English Manual)