Fusuno 500 Airwolf Scale Body w/gear - BLACK

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Fusuno Fuselages - Quality, Detail & True Scale Realism. For those in search of scale beauty & realism, Fusuno (pronounced "few-sue-no") delivers everything you would want in a high quality fiberglass fuselage - pre-painted with high quality automotive paints, and detailed with true scale realism.

Designed with 500 class helicopters in mind, such as the popular Align Trex 500, Fusuno fuselages allow you to install your helicopter with a minimum amount of build time & assembly - fuselage arrives pre-painted with pre-installed wood base, allowing you to finalize your build in a minimum amount of time.

Coalescing high quality fiberglass & paint, Fusuno adds functional touches to the entire line, such as magnetic hatches for quick battery access. Using high strength neodymium magnets, you no longer need to fuss with a screw driver & small screws to access your helicopter, allowing quick battery changes & adjustments so you can focus on the flight at hand, rather than the bother of unnecessary flight tools & complications. In flight, the hatch is held tightly via the magnets, allowing you to simply focus on the enjoyment of scale flight.

Made world famous in the 1980's TV series "Airwolf," Fusuno brings the Bell 222 to life with multiple scale details, such as a true mechanical retract system, seen via the true life Bell 222. Developed throughout the late 60's & early 70's, Bell Helicopter unveiled the Bell 222 - a light twin helicopter destined for multi-role use in the commercial world, prized by corporate executive's for its luxurious interior & dash speed exceeding 130 knots, and later made world famous via its debut as "Airwolf." Fusuno captures the Bell 222 "Airwolf" image perfectly - dressed in black/white Airwolf colors, this fuselage is destined to thrill in flight, and with its high quality paint scheme, the appearance is nothing short of stunning.

Drawing from this beautiful scale design, Fusuno has added multiple scale touches, such as scale paint & markings, scale exhaust vents, replica guns of the true Airwolf helicopter, and a functional servo actuated retract system. Shown in a black/white scale paint scheme, the Fusuno Bell 222 "Airwolf" has everything a scale modeler could hope for in a high quality fiberglass layout - pre-painted & ready to take to the skies!

Looking to add even more realism to your helicopter? Enter Fusuno's scale fuselages - high quality fiberglass fuselages that will add true scale excitement to your everyday flights!

Transmitter Note: For use of retracts, a 7 Channel (or greater) Transmitter/Receiver unit is recommended.

Adaptable Applications:

Align Trex 500


Fuselage Length: 990mm (38.97 in. / 3.24 ft.)
Fuselage Width: 320mm (12.59 in.)
Fuselage Height: 190mm (7.48 in.)
Fuselage Weight: 720g  (1.58 lbs.)


(1) Fully Painted Fiberglass Scale Fuselage
(1) Clear Canopy Covers
(2) Horizontal Stabilizers
(3) Vertical Stabilizers
(3) Black Wheels
(1) Carbon Plastic Front Landing Skid
(2) Carbon Plastic Rear Landing Skids
(1) Landing Gear Set
(1) Skid Mounting Pack
(1) Hardware Package
(2) Gun Sets

Items Needed:

(1) CA Glue - Medium/Thick Recommended
(1) Standard Servos, such as Ino Lab D760MG Servo (Metal Gears Recommended)